You can now make your characters talk and don’t need to spend days or weeks doing it, with new release from XFORCE.

Description: Voice-O-Matic is an easy-to-use plug-in which automates the lip synch process for your animated CG characters directly in your favorite 3D software. Simply feed a recorded audio file to Voice-O-Matic and it will automatically generate timing and lip position data for your characters.


  • Complete phonetic support, use up to 40 different phonemes
  • Support most languages, including English, French, Spanish, Japanese and others
  • Intelligent smoothing, to get better lip synchronization results
  • Weight-able Visemes Intensity, easily set emphasis on any given Visemes
  • Standard keys creation, so animations can be modified easily
  • Custom tangents type, change the keyframe tangents type
  • Audible phoneme audio cues, hear the phonemes pronunciation

Size: 21.1 MB
Links: Homepage, NFO

Download: HOTFiLE, NTi