FOSI comes with SpaceObServer, powerful and flexible hard disk space manager for Windows.
Description: It scans local and network drives using a background service and stores their structure, sizes and properties in an SQL database.


  • The size of each folder is displayed directly in the file system tree.
  • A background service, the SpaceObServer Agent, regularly scans selected drives and stores the collected data in an SQL database.
  • Scan network drives without the need to install additional software on the servers you want to observe.
  • By using the NTFS Change Journals SpaceObServer is able to update information about local NTFS drives continuously, which results in disk usage information that is always up to date.
  • Duplicate files can be identified by the MD5 checksum of their content or a combination of name, size and last change date.

Release Name: JAM.Software.SpaceObServer.v4.3.2.494.retail-FOSI
Size: 9.51 MB

Download: HOTFILE