FrB released the new album “Body of God” from June Marx.

Combat tested, battle approved. Holographic Pagoda Recordings proudly presents the debut album from June Marx. The critically acclaimed half of the Twin Perils will send shock waves with his revelations on this long awaited and highly anticipated solo project. Beware the marxman.

Track List:

01. The perilous path
02. He without sin
03. Euphoria
04. Child of the night
05. Hadron collider (feat. Lone Ninja)
06. Overture of mankind
07. Silence the traitors (feat. Godilla)
08. Elusive Thoughts
09. Natural selection
10. Season of lust
11. Overthrow the throne
12. Napalm clouds

Release Name: June_Marx-Body_Of_God-2010-FrB
Genre: Hip-Hop
Label: Holographic Pagoda Recordings
Quality: CDDA
Size: 45.37MB
Rls Date: 2010-06-16
Store Date: 2010-06-01

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