404 released the new album “Flashbacks” from The Lodger.

The third album from the British Indie Popsters. Flashbacks was recorded in Autumn 2009 onto tape at Hall Place Studios by local genius and sociable recluse Richard Formby (who had just finished Wild Beasts critically acclaimed Two Dancers and back in the day played guitar on Recurring by Spacemen 3). Formby kept Ben Siddall (vocals, guitar) fed throughout with Ennio Morricone compilations and obscure Bryan McLean LPs while Joe Margetts (bass) and Bruce Renshaw (drums) read old copies of Uncut and played with the vintage analog toys. Features the single Have A Little Faith In People.

Track List:

01. The Back Of My Mind
02. Have A Little Faith In People
03. Time To Wait
04. The End Of The Affair
05. Flashbacks
06. Welcome To My World
07. Lost
08. Nothings Impossible
09. Stand Up!
10. Running Back Home To You

Release Name: The_Lodger-Flashbacks-2010-404
Genre: Indie
Label: SLR Records
Quality: 169kbps avg
Size: 38.55MB
Rls Date: 2010-06-23
Store Date: 2010-04-17