Have your hard drive become a little bit tight for your files and applications? Drive Copy for Mac® is a solution that helps to migrate your system to a new bigger hard drive. You can even use it when you upgrade your hardware. With the trusted Paragon Adaptive Restore™ technology, the product can be used for migration of Mac® OS X physical systems to another Apple® computer. Launch the Paragon Migration Wizard and follow the easy steps: select a source disk (a hard disk you want to copy), destination disk, and resize partitions if needed. After completion the wizard will boot your computer from the destination hard disk. Make an exact backup of your hard disk for easy restoration! With a Simple Backup Wizard you can back up an entire hard disk or a separate partition and then place the new image on a network share. Just choose what to backup and select the network drive – Drive Wizard will do the rest. You can also back up to an optical disk. Drive Copy for Mac® OS X 8.0 can be used for a number of restoring scenarios. You can restore from a network drive, copy data from a corrupted disk to another hard drive, or burn data from a corrupted drive to an optical disk.

Release name: Paragon.Drive.Copy.for.MacOS.X.v8.0.iSO-rG
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