Injustice is a psychological thriller serial broadcast on ITV1 written by Anthony Horowitz. This series attempts to tackle the universal question which is at the heart of every country’s legal system. How does a defence barrister live with himself if he finds out that the person he is defending is really guilty of the crime they are accused of. William Travers finds himself becoming involved with a case that involves a friend called Martin Newall who is facing conspiracy and murder charges. At the same time he is being investigated by a vengeful detective called Mark Wenborn.

Episode 1
London barrister William Travers decides to relocate his family and practice to the county of Suffolk after he has a nervous breakdown. He soon finds his life though being thrown off balance for a second time after he sees a familiar face at a train station. Ipswich detective Mark Wenborn investigates a murder at a deserted farm which ends up leading him into a game of cat-and-mouse with Travers.

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