Hailing from the creative mind of Sex and the City‘s Cindy Chupack, this new romantic comedy anthology series, it’s the story of three, modern stories of love, sex, marriage and dating. Becki Newton stars as Annie and Jordana Spiro stars as Frannie, the last two single friends after all their other friends got married. Annie is very optimistic while Frannie is an “always a bridesmaid never a bride”, realistic woman. The story revolves around them, while other romantically-challenged characters will come and go in each episode.

Season 1, Episode 1 – “Firsts”
Loosely connected tales spin around modern romance in this anthology series. Anchoring the one-off vignettes about love, sex, dating and marriage is a continuing story about Annie (Becki Newton), who serves as a surrogate for her sister. Also: Annie’s gal pal (Krysten Ritter) masquerades as a virgin; a fired accountant (Kyle Howard) returns home early to find a surprise; a married man is tempted by actress Jennifer Love Hewitt (playing herself) on a flight. Craig Robinson also guest stars.

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