Highlights are shown of life from within the house. There continues to be tension between Sallie and Gina. Jackie and Callum offer Gina some advice. Sallie talks to Big Brother about the mood in the house. Gina tells Big Brother that she is thinking of leaving the house. Michael is given a box of treats that he is not allowed to share with the other housemates. Sallie decides to eat a sweet to find out what the consequences are. Today’s task sees the housemates having to guess secrets about each other. After passing the task the housemates are rewarded with a dinner which is then taken away because of Sallie’s actions earlier. Michael has to select a housemate to join him for a dinner fot two. Michael decides to select Gina as he hasn’t got to know her yet. The housemates are surprised by the sort of world Gina lives in.

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