Emma returns to present the first live eviction of the current series. Highlights are shown of life from within the house. The housemates continue to speculate about who will be evicted. The housemates talk about how they feel like Dexter can not be trusted. The housemates have to guess the answers to questions Michael are asked in the diary room to win invites to a party. Jemima and Dan fall out during the task. Wolfy becomes upset during the task. Most of the housemates are not in the mood to party at the end of the task. Sallie, Gina, Sophie, Dan, Wolfy, Charlie, Hazel, Michael, Jack and Joe end up attending the party. Charlie makes a comment that upsets Gina at the party. Emma talks to the house and reveals that the first housemate to be evicted from the house is Sallie. Sallie leaves the house and chats to Emma about her time living in the house. Emma talks to the house for a second time and reveals that Michael will also be leaving the house tonight. Footage is then shown to the housemates that Michael is really an actor. Wolfy becomes upset after she realises that the viewers and not Michael were responsible for the horrible things said about her. Michael then says his goodbyes and leaves the house.

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