Description: A “fiendishly difficult” puzzle/action game that has been praised for its creativity and multiple solutions, Hairy Tales combines tile-dragging mechanics with fast furious action. It’s inspired by ChuChu Rocket and Lemmings, and tells the zany adventures of a group of not too bright folk spirits, as you help them puzzle out evil conundrums in their mission to save their tile-based world from sickening corruption.


  • Unique combination of tile-dragging puzzles with action-strategy mechanics.
  • Hardcore puzzle difficulty but allowing casual-length game sessions.
  • Fully-alterable world with a great tactile feel and intuitive interaction.
  • Difficult puzzles with multiple solutions, which allow you to find your own path and provide replayability.
  • Colorful environments with hilarious characters, animations and sound.
  • Distinctive enemies and end-boss puzzle battles.

Release name: Hairy_Tales-VACE
Size: 87 MB
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