Description: This installment of Photoshop for Designers shows how to combine Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, taking advantage of the strongest features in each program. Learn how to work with symbols, custom brushes, Live Paint, creative filters, clipping masks, and more, while following along with veteran graphic designer and teacher Nigel French. Nigel explains the relationship between Photoshop and Illustrator and walks through hands-on projects such as a montage, a movie poster, and a print ad, while demonstrating how to work back and forth between the two applications.

Topics include:

  • Combining Photoshop with the Illustrator Image Trace command
  • Generating “painted” type with Illustrator brush strokes
  • Creating an abstract background
  • Adapting a Photoshop custom shape into a symbol
  • Experimenting with transformations
  • Creating frames, backgrounds, and type
  • Duplicating, scaling, and arranging elements
  • Modifying Illustrator symbols in Photoshop
  • Adding and styling type with Offset Path

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