Season 1 , Episode 20
It is the grand final of the competition. Tom, Theo and Michel have all selected their proteges and now they must compete against each other, cooking for the legendary chefs who have guided their mentor’s own careers – Tom’s mentor, Pierre Koffmann; Michel’s, his father Albert Roux and Theo’s mentor, Ruth Rogers.These three grand mentors have guided the careers of many of the country’s greatest chefs. Tonight they get to taste the food of the next generation. The students, mentors and grand mentors all gather at the luxurious St Ermin’s Hotel in London, and the pressure is on the proteges from the start. After weeks of training they are on their own and must now cook their own two courses for the esteemed grand mentors and show what they have learnt. As well as the quality of their final dishes they will be judged by how well they’ve taken on their mentor’s influences.Pressure and emotions run sky high in the gripping final cook – can the three young chefs impress the industry legends and make their mentors proud? Only one protege can come out on top.

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