The Willis family is unlike any other. Parents Toby and Brenda encourage their 12 children to strive for excellence and accept nothing less. After a devastating car accident nearly claimed the life of Toby, he set his goal on raising his children to excel at their studies and a myriad of activities, from playing musical instruments to Irish River dancing, swing dancing, wrestling, writing, drawing, costume design, horseback riding and more. While the Willis family is a loving and supportive bunch, life isn’t always so simple. Mom and dad push their kids towards excelling which creates plenty of family drama and riffs between parents and kids.

Season 1, Episode 1 – “Pilot:
A Tennessee couple raise 12 children who are involved in music, dance and wrestling. In the opener, the family prepare for a showcase in Nashville for music executives, but equipment problems threaten to derail the clan’s performance.


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