NBC has green-lighted “The Winner Is”, a new vocal game show that showcases talented singers of all ages – soloists and groups that include adults, kids, teens, seniors, families and professionals – all of whom will compete in head-to-head singing duels. The contestants will be judged by a special in-studio panel led by one celebrity judge (to be announced) as they compete for an ultimate cash prize of $1 million. In a unique twist, they will have the chance to negotiate a deal with their opponent. Before hearing their fate the contestants can choose to step out of the competition in exchange for a predetermined cash prize or continue on in the game.

Season 1, Episode 1 – “6 Songs To A Million”
‘The Winner Is’ infuses the performance of a singing competition show and the strategy of a game show into one thrilling series. Everyday people of all ages and vocal styles have the opportunity to turn their singing abilities into cold hard cash. Six acts go head to head in front of a panel of 101 music experts who determine the winning performance. Before the results are revealed, the contestants have the chance to negotiate and decide whether to take the cash or stay in the game. The winner of each episode earns a spot in the Million Dollar Season Finale where the payouts increase and someone wins one million dollars!

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