When we last saw Jes and Josh they were about to embark on their big trip to the UK, but the real adventure starts in this new series of twentysomething, when they return home and discover that everyone has moved on.With nowhere to live, Jess and Josh temporarily bunk in with Nick, Fiona and their newborn daughter Chloe. But when Jess awakes in the middle of the night spooning Josh in a sexless marriage of convenience, all scored to the sound of a crying baby, she gets a glimpse of a life she never thought she would have. Rattled, they agree to take Nick up on his offer to move into one of his vacant investment properties, making him their landlord.In an attempt to discover where they may have taken a wrong turn, Jess and Josh find themselves looking for their life purpose in the last place anyone would expect — a uni open day. They take part in a career seminar designed for year twelve students and discover that Josh would excel in a creative environment while Jess is better suited to a trade. A slightly delayed surprise welcome home party is thrown for the pair, but the real surprise catches Jess off-guard when Billy turns up with a new girlfriend by his side.

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