We tell the story of Danilo Restivo: a sadistic fetishist – and double murderer – who stayed one step ahead of the law for almost 20 years. We speak to the relatives of his victims and the police officers who were integral to solving the case, as well as looking at the key evidence that led to Restivo’s conviction. His bizarre fetish for cutting women’s hair – and on at least two occasions then cutting their throats and mutilating their bodies – has also earned him the chilling nickname ‘The Haircut Killer’.As Restivo, aged 40, began a ‘whole life’ sentence, it closed the file on the murder in Bournemouth from nine years before – and also the brutal killing of 16 year old Elisa Claps, in southern Italy, from as long ago as 1993. At Winchester Crown Court Restivo was described as a killer of ‘incredible depravity’ – and is now linked to three unsolved murders in southern Europe.

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