Season 5 Episode 7 – “Pastry”
It’s the quarter-finals of the Bake Off and only five bakers remain. They were tested on cake and then specialised European cakes, they proved what they could do with dough and now face an even tougher dough week with three kinds of enriched dough. Mary and Paul have upped the ante to see which baker will rise to the challenge. Asked to make enriched sweet fruit loaves for their signature challenge, the bakers must work with soft dough to create works of art for Paul and Mary to critique. The technical challenge stretches them to the limit in the beautiful eastern European cross between a bread and a pastry filled with a hidden design of swirls of cinnamon and walnuts. And finally, a show-stopper that takes the ordinary into the extraordinary. The bakers must make 36 show-stopping doughnuts of two different types, demonstrating skills and ideas that take their baking to a whole new level.

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