Description: CyberLink WaveEditor – a program for recording, analysis and editing of sound, built-in audio editor allows you to cut, divide and merge your recordings, add them to the sound effects and filters, and so on. The program also features a writing drive, allowing you to create your own audio CD that can be listened to on a computer, a home player.


  • Import audio files in various formats
  • download audio files from Freesound web service
  • Record a custom audio through a microphone or other input device
  • crop unwanted parts of an audio file
  • full control over adjusting the total volume of the audio file
  • application of a number of beneficial effects to audio files, including distortion, reverb, dynamic range compression, vocals and many others
  • import and use of plug-ins VST effects to your audio files
  • mix multiple audio tracks into a single audio file
  • Creation of CD with custom audio files

Release Name: CyberLink.WaveEditor.v2.0.0.5620.Multilingual–P2P
Size: 21.15 MB
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