Season 01, Episode 04 — ”The Lost Legions”
9 A.D. Three Roman Legions are ambushed and wiped out in a remote German forest during a thunderstorm. The severed head of Roman General Varus is sent back to Rome in a box and the Roman attempt to bring Germania into the Empire is stopped dead in its tracks. The battle helps create the boundary between Latin and Germanic Europe that exists to this day.

Season 01, Episode 05 — ”Gods Wrath”
A catastrophe of biblical proportions walloped Lisbon, Portugal on November 1, 1755. A combination of earthquake, tsunami, and firestorm devastated the devoutly religious city on All Saint’s Day, turning churches into deathtraps and transforming the streets of the capital into a hellish landscape. Experience the catastrophe firsthand as we recreate the disaster through the eyes of one of its survivors and reveal how this event brought an empire to its knees and shook its belief in God.

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