Note: in Danish Series With English Subtitle.

Season 01, Episode 06
Arriving at Dybbol, Inge and Sofia try to find Laust and Peter, but a chance meeting with Didrich dashes their hopes. The Danish forces are bogged down in the town and when the Prussians start a bombardment the senior officers demand a retreat – only to be denied by Copenhagen. Claudia visits her mother and discovers a box filled with family secrets.

Season 01, Episode 07
The Danish soldiers are totally outnumbered as the Prussian and Austrian forces prepare to bombard the defences at Dybbol. Johan has foreseen the terrors which are about to take place and tries to warn thecomplacent commanders. Peter learns of Inge’s pregnancy and is now determined to find Laust.

Season 01, Episode 08
The shock of defeat is difficult for the politicians in Copenhagen to accept. Monrad accuses the king of treason for attempting to negotiate with the Prussians. Johan seeks out the families of the fallen and gives Inge’s mother Laust’s last letter. The news he has for the Baron is too hard to bear. Peter returns home a changed man.

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