Potli Heat 1 – Alex tackles Potli, an Indian market food restaurant in London’s Hammersmith. Owners Jay and Uttam have endured an agonising six-month search for a new head chef to help take their first steps towards opening a small chain of restaurants. They’ve now turned to Alex for help to find the right person. Over a week, Alex will offer up nine candidates to be put through a rigorous interview process. As well as demonstrating their technical cooking skills, all candidates will have a face-to-face interview and a chance to cook a signature dish which shows off their culinary flair. But at the end of the week only one can get the job. The first three candidates are put through a gruelling hands-on interview process. In the first skill test, who can identify the fish and then make the right choice for starters? Will Skye’s bohemian style be just what the restaurant is looking for, and will Saurabh’s fine dining technique be inspired or a touch too much?At the end of the day, one chef will be selected to go through to a final interview at the end of the week.

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