it’s the final at Potli, a restaurant serving Indian market food in the heart of Hammersmith. Over the week, Alex has offered up nine candidates to be put through a rigorous interview process. It’s now the final interview. With just two candidates having secured their places, it’s back to the shortlist to give one chef a golden opportunity. Their challenge is the ultimate test – to produce an authentic three-course menu to be tested by a restaurant full of owners Jay and Uttam’s toughest critics… their loyal regulars. The candidates also have to manage a brigade of chefs testing not only their cooking skills but also their ability to run a kitchen. When true expectations come to light, it calls for a tough early decision to be made. Will an Indian variation of fish and chips delight or dismay? Can an out-of-this-world dessert be enough to sweeten the deal? And can the chefs work together to run a smooth service and satisfy the owners and diners’ demands? At the end of the night, one candidate will be selected to become the new head chef – and it’s a tough decision.

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