Antiques Roadshow UK S36E01 HDTV x264 FTP

Season 37, Episode 27 –“AshtonCourt-Hillsborough2”
Fiona and the team travel to Hillsborough Castle, the official royal residence in Northern Ireland, and Ashton Court in Bristol to discover hidden treasures among the splendid surroundings, includ – ing a medal from the Battle of Waterloo.At Hillsborough Castle, Paul Atterbury is delighted to discover a rare surviving souvenir of the Great Suffragette Rally in 1908, while Adam Schoon sees a glass ladies’ dressing table casket that the lucky owner bought for £5.Bill Harriman admires a medal awarded to a member of the 6th Inniskilling Dragoons who fought in the Battle of Waterloo in 1815, just in time for the 200th anniversary.At Ashton Court, Fiona Bruce takes a trip down memory lane with the owner of a Biba umbrella, Hilary Kay is thrilled with the story behind a model of the Clifton Suspension Bridge, and John Benjamin values a collection of classic Art Deco gems.


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