Season 03, Episode 04 – “Swedish Arctic Circle”
Ben journeys to the frozen north to live with 40-year-old Gaynor Leeper, a former high-flying London communications manager who gave up her old life to become an Arctic dog musher. Ben joins Gaynor and her new husband Milos in their hand-built cabin, which has neither electricity nor running water. He also meets the coupleʼs ʻfamilyʼ of 40 Alaskan huskies. The trio embark on a tough trek driving their pack of dogs through the icy wilderness. Ben learns how to sled and how to manage both himself and the animals in temperatures as low as minus 30 degrees. Sleeping in tents during snowstorms and ice-fishing in order to have something to eat, Ben embraces life in one of the worldʼs harshest environments.

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