Big Brother UK S14E68 PDTV x264 W4F

Highlights are shown of life from within the house. The housemates are asked to pick the two greediest members of the group to complete the first part of this week;s shopping budget task in the Kitchen Zone. Jack and Chloe are selected to take part and they have to eat pies. Four of the pies contain a number which is part of a four number code needed to unlock the key to the zone. Simon talks to Big Brother about Chloe and explains how his opinion of her has changed. Marc isn’t impressed by his fellow housemates efforts in the task. The housemates have the chance to unlock the Bathroom Zone as the next part of the task. They have to select the three cleanest housemates and Harry, Danny and Joel are selected. Harry, Danny and Joel are told to get into the bath which is full of “waste” water and numbered balloon bubbles. Each balloon contain the answer to a question about their fellow housemates. The housemates discuss about what happened with Sam last night. Jade, Nick and Simon are selected as the quietest housemates to unlock the Bedroom Zone. Simon and Nick are blind-folded and have be guided across the bedroom by Jade who will issue directions. Harry and Cristian bond in the sky room. Some of the housemates talk about Harry.


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