Welcome to the fan page of Carpworld monthly carp angling magazine. We take some pride in the fact that Carpworld was the original newsstand carp magazine, the first, the biggest, and to us, the best of the crop. Carpworld is designed to be the big read, and is consistently packed with well-written, informative, entertaining and revealing material. Carpworld still leads the way when it comes to quality, variety, size, and the line-up of regular high-profile contributors, plus we’re the only mag to cater to any level for the international angler and so we brought you International Carper (a 32-page magazine incorporated into Carpworld) is a monthly magazine brought about by demand. Travelling abroad for carp fishing is now very much accepted by everyone and there is little doubt that it is the fastest growing area of the sport. Our other magazines have always carried articles on foreign carp fishing, but with the ever-growing increase in popularity, it was clear that a magazine solely dedicated to the subject was needed.

Carpworld – June 2015
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