Carry On Forever is narrated by Martin Clunes. The series takes a look at the best-loved brand in British film comedy history. It features new interviews with the stars, previously unseen behind-the-scenes footage and on-set publicity photos as it chart the whole of the Carry On story.

Season 01, Episode 01
The show takes a look at the birth of the Carry On brand at Pinewood Studios. Shirley Eaton, Liz Fraser and Rosalind Knight are back at Pinewood as they remember the early films. There is also an emotional reunion for Bernard Cribbins and Juliet Mills, the stars of Carry On Jack.

Season 01, Episode 02
The show takes a look at the golden era of the Carry On brand in the late sixties. Jim Dale talks about his role in Carry On Spying whilst Amanda Barrie reveals what life was like on the set of Carry On Cleo. Fenella Fielding returns to the location used for Carry On Screaming whilst Anita Harris remebers life on set with American TV superstar Phil Silvers in Follow That Camel.

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