Note: In Flemish With Hard-Coded English Subtitles.

Everyday life in the centre of Antwerp comes to a sudden standstill when the area is hermetically sealed off from the outside world. The cause is a contagious and deadly virus which spreads like wildfire. The people trapped inside the cordon are suddenly left to their own devices. It brings out the very best in them, but also the worst….

Season 01, Episode 01
When doctors at the Antwerp National Institute for Contagious Diseases discover an alarming viral disease on a patient, the authorities take no chances. The city quarter where the characters live, work or do their shopping is sealed off for 48 hours in an attempt to contain the contagion. At first, those unlucky enough to be in the area submit themselves to the situation, but when the quarantine is prolonged the mood quickly changes.

Season 01, Episode 02
Desperately looking for her missing son, Katja makes a grisly discovery in a restricted area of the National Institute for Infectious Diseases. Lex is asked to attend a press conference held by the Minister of Public Health, at which journalist Leo Gryspeerts asks why 5,000 people are being contained after the death of just one person with flu-like symptoms? Do the authorities have something to hide?

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