Season 01, Episode 03
Mary Kitchen hasn’t seen her little brother Lennie for over 30 years. When Lennie was still a baby, Mary and her mother moved away, leaving Lennie to be brought up by his father – and leaving Mary with nothing to remind her of her baby brother except one precious photo. It’s only now, decades later, with the encouragement of her own daughter, that Mary has begun searching for Lennie in earnest. With the help of the Salvation Army Family Tracing Unit, Mary manages to track Lennie down and travels from Huddersfield for an emotionally charged reunion with the brother she hasn’t seen in over three decades.81-year-old retired musician Linda Wright only discovered she was adopted when she was 20 – and it was to be another five decades before she decided to find out if she had any living relatives. Engaging the services of genealogist Charlie Watson, Linda learns that she had a sister, Bridget – and when the two sisters meet, they discover some remarkable and uncanny similarities in their two lives – coincidences which may go a long way to explaining an unresolved mystery surrounding their mother’s past.

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