Season 01, Episode 05
George Chapman’s childhood was as tough as it gets. George grew up in poverty in 1940s Northumberland, an only child looking after two sick parents. When he was 22, both parents having passed away, he made the shocking discovery that he was adopted. George put it all to the back of his mind – and it’s only now, over 40 years later, that his daughter Tracey has resolved to track down her dad’s birth family. Some painstaking detective work has found no fewer than three siblings! One of them, Thelma, comes over from her home in Australia to meet her long-lost brother George for the very first time.Rebecca Taylor has only a few early memories of her father Trevor. She hasn’t seen him since she was 10, when her mother remarried and moved the family to Devon. Rebecca never stopped wondering about her dad, but it was only when she enlisted the help of the Salvation Army’s Family Tracing Unit that she made a long-awaited breakthrough. Reunited at last, Rebecca and her dad meet again near his Black Country home to spend an emotional day getting to know each other again.

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