Season 01, Episode 06
Journalist and war correspondent Jonathan Fryer was adopted at the age of 18 months, but grew up never feeling fully part of his new family. Jonathan tried to trace his birth parents without success, and had all but given up hope until he received a letter out of the blue which changed everything. It turned out Jonathan’s sisters had spent years looking for him – and had finally found him! The siblings meet up for an emotionally charged encounter, and are finally able to solve a long-standing mystery surrounding their mother, and the events that led to them spending so long apart.Christine St Aubyn was researching her family history from her home in Australia, desperate to know more about her grandmother Rose, who had emigrated to the new world from the UK. Christine’s curiosity led her halfway around the world on a pilgrimage to a small churchyard in Essex – only to discover that she wasn’t the only person coming to pay her respects to the small wooden cross which marked the grave of a long-buried child. This set in motion a remarkable series of events, putting Christine in contact with a family member she never knew she had.

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