Season 01, Episode 07
Wendy Brightwell grew up in an unconventional household – her father shared his life not just with wife Lil, but also with his live-in mistress, Wendy’s mother. To the young Wendy this was nothing out of the ordinary, and she loved life with her half-brother Rod. But Wendy hasn’t seen Rod since their father died when she was nine – and both siblings have spent their lives wondering if and when they’ll ever see each other again. With the help of family finder Antony Marr, the two were recently reunited in an emotional encounter – and now Wendy introduces Rod to her children for the very first time.Margaret Teague always wondered why she didn’t look like the rest of her family. Convinced she was adopted, Margaret engaged the services of a professional family finder, and discovered that not only was she adopted, but she also has a brother called Mark. Mark is overjoyed to finally be reunited with the sister he never knew he had. Unlike Margaret, Mark has memories of his mother, and he takes his sister on an emotional and revealing trip to London to learn more about their shared past.

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