Season 01, Episode 08
When she was a child, Sandie Smith opened a cupboard looking for some colouring pens and stumbled across a piece of paper which revealed she had been adopted. Sandie waited until she was an adult to try to trace her birth parents, but despite unearthing some tantalising leads she was unable to make a breakthrough until a professional family finder stepped in to help. Sadly, Sandie’s mother had passed away, but the family finder had much happier news – he’d traced her sisters, Sandie’s aunts. Sandie meets her aunts for an emotional journey into their past, as she finds out much more about the mother she never had the chance to meet.These days, Alfred Alcorn is a distinguished Harvard academic – a far cry from his childhood spent growing up in wartime Liverpool. A tragic early life saw Alfred orphaned and sent off to live with an aunt in America – but he never forgot the early days and the family he’d left behind on Merseyside. Years of searching came to nothing until an email out of the blue revealed that not only did Alfred still have a family, but they had been looking for him! Alfred returns to Liverpool for an emotional reunion with the cousin he last saw when they were small boys.

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