Christina Boston grew up always knowing she was adopted. But when she set out to find her birth sisters with the help and encouragement of her adoptive mum Pam, Christina had no idea how difficult the search would be. It was a case that left the online family finding community baffled – until a professional got involved and was able to track down her sisters. In an emotional encounter, Christina introduces mum Pam to her sisters Rachel and Sarah for the very first time.Wendy Thompson is addicted to the thrill of researching family history. She’s helped friends and colleagues trace their own living relatives, and is a regular presence on family finding online message boards. But when Wendy offered to help a stranger with his own search, little did she realise she was about to uncover a remarkable connection to her own family. Wendy and her cousin Adrian meet up for only the third time to share a series of intriguing revelations about their grandfathers, two brothers who each led highly colourful lives.

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