Natalie Barker never knew her father. As an adult, she decided the time was right to trace him, and engaged the services of a firm of family finders. The only information she had to go on was a name and a last known address – and it turned out that even this sketchy information was wrong. However, after some clever detective work, the family finders tracked down her father, Patrick. Meeting him now for only the third time, Natalie shares some special memories with Patrick and has a very special request to ask of her dad.67-year-old Hugh McGarvey sought the help of the Salvation Army Family Tracing Service to track down a mysterious cousin, Josephine, whose existence only came to light in a passing remark from a relative. There was scant information to go on. All Hugh knew was that Josephine had left Glasgow for Ireland to become a nun – meaning she could have ended up anywhere in the world. It would be a challenging case – could the family finders possibly locate her?

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