78-year-old Brian Read grew up in south east London during World War II. As young children, Brian and his older brother Tony were inseparable from their cousin Denis – all three boys played happily in the streets together, despite the ever-present threat of German bombers. However, in the postwar housing shake-up, the cousins ended up going their separate ways, and it was only with Tony’s recent death that Brian resolved once and for all to track down his friend and cousin. Now, nearly 70 years after last setting eyes on each other, Brian and Denis are reunited once again, before taking an emotional and evocative trip around their childhood haunts.Andrea Wood grew up not knowing her father, who left home before she was born. As she got older, she always wondered who he was and what he looked like, but it wasn’t until she had children of her own that she decided to act and employed a family-finding agency to track him down. The family finders found an address for her father Peter – but how would he react to Andrea’s letter? And would they be able to make up for lost time when they were finally reunited?

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