Jeanette Fear was 23 when she applied for a passport and learned that the man she had always called Dad wasn’t in fact her birth father. Jeanette pressed her mother for more details, but it wasn’t until many decades later that she learned the shocking truth – her birth father had been arrested for bigamy, and had another wife and family all along. With the help of a firm of family finders, Jeanette manages to track down her half-sister Glynis. Meeting each other proves a cathartic and emotional experience – but will a trip to their father’s final resting place help them both come to a greater understanding of their shared past?Irene Robertson was taken into care when she was just a baby. Growing up in the unforgiving company of her foster mother, Irene always wondered about her true origins – but it wasn’t until she was nearly 70 that she enlisted the help of Edinburgh charity Birthlink, who were able to get her access to her care records. This comprehensive dossier held the crucial clues that recently led her to an emotional reunion with her brother Reg. Irene and Reg meet up in their home town of Edinburgh for the first time, where they trace their mother’s footsteps and stumble upon a remarkable discovery that changes Irene’s view of her mother for ever.

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