The extraordinary story of two first cousins, living only miles apart, brought together as a result of their independent searches into their fathers’ pasts. Kate and Jim were both the children of Canadian soldiers stationed in Scotland during World War II – but their mothers had two very different experiences of life after being swept off their feet by these glamorous new arrivals. Many decades later, Kate and Jim are brought together with the help of a group of amateur internet family finders. In an emotional encounter, they meet for the first time, with many questions still to be answered and a lifetime of experiences to catch up on.Elaine Pennington grew up knowing she was adopted, but it wasn’t until her early twenties that she resolved to track down her birth mother. Decades of frustration followed, with apparent breakthroughs coming to nothing. But little did Elaine realise that 200 miles away, someone had spent the last ten years searching for her! Finally brought together with her sister Grace, Elaine makes the long trip to Somerset to introduce her adoptive mum Eunice to her new-found family for the first time.

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