Episode 2 of 2
Two groups of teenagers head to Sundown in Norfolk for their first festival experience. There is music, mayhem and a lot of drinking, but what they do not know is that their parents are there with them watching it all.

Bristol based ladies’ man and part-time model Harry has had a religious upbringing from his Christian parents. Mum does not approve of her son’s womanising, but Harry is heading to the festival with one thing on his mind – pulling.

Eighteen-year-old Hannah from Stoke is off to university the week after the festival and wants to prove she can be independent. However she does not lift a finger at home, has no concept of keeping to a budget and is constantly financially bailed out by her dad.

As the weekend progresses, Harry’s treatment of women and Hannah’s raunchy confessions make the parents squirm with embarrassment. How will the parents react when they reveal themselves and confront their wayward offspring?

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