Season 02, Episode 03
A group of lads head to the Sundown Festival in Norfolk for an unforgettable weekend of partying hard, but for two of them the weekend will be unforgettable in other ways… as their parents will be tagging along too.

Ladies’ man Mark lives in St Neots with his mum Jane and dad Phil. The younger of two sons, Mark enjoys plenty of home comforts, but keeps his personal life to himself. He’s let his parents down in the past when he was expelled from a college course for boozing. So now they want to see what mystery man Mark really gets up to in his private life.

Just down the road is Mark’s 19-year-old mate Connah. For now, he’s still living at home with his mum Toni, his dad and two brothers, but he’s planning to buy a house with his girlfriend. Unfortunately his love of partying is putting a sizeable dent in his savings – which mum Toni knows absolutely nothing about. Now she’s following him to the festival to find out if he is really mature enough to have his own house.

The likely lads hit trouble as soon as they arrive when Mark’s immature behaviour causes them to have belongings confiscated and their luggage searched. And over the course of the weekend, Mark’s boozing, womanising and belief that ‘eating’s cheating’ don’t suggest he’s planning to grow up anytime soon.

Connah’s bank balance takes hit after hit as he parties hard – and bails out the rest of the group. But how will Connah and Mark handle the truth when they realise that their parents have been watching everything they’ve got up to?

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