Season 02, Episode 03 – ”Zest For Life”
Making astronaut food is serious business at this massive Oregon facility where it takes 18 hours to transform savory beef stew into a freeze-dried meal that’s perfect for outer space. Nearly 200 million squeaky clean California lemons are washed, waxed, sized, and sorted at this Sunkist plant every year. It’s worth the drive to Texas just to get your hands on this decadent pecan pie, and if the bakery is closed once you get there, the vending machine outside is open 24/7.

Season 02, Episode 04 – ”No Snout About It”
Deep in Texas cowboy country, pork bellies are brined, tumbled, smoked, and sliced to produce perfectly delectable kitchen-ready bacon. In the middle of a California desert, water from an underground river is one of the secret ingredients to a bacon-flavored soda that’s popular with a legendary kilt-wearing pro wrestler. What began as a Texas turkey farm is now home to an innovative family business where salty crispy bacon bits are smothered in rich creamy chocolate.

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