Season 04, Episode 14 – “Fishy Business”
Spencer and Eugene set out to build a fish farm. But when they can’t afford the cattle-watering troughs where they planed to put their trout, can they rig up their own fish tanks from nothing but a roll of plastic tarp and some old hay bales instead?

Season 04, Episode 15 – “Car Bartering”
Widowed Mavis has doctor appointments to keep, and a stalled car. If the boys make a tire patch, a replacement gasket and a temporary fan belt out of junk, then they get an old alternator from a junkyard, they might get Mavis to the doctor on time.

Season 04, Episode 16 – “Knife Grind”
Spencer and Eugene must pull an all-nighter in order to fulfill the request of a collector who wants 15 knives forged in two days. Also: They construct a water wheel to power a homemade grinder and electric light, which they’ll need to get the job done.



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