Johnny Kingdom watches the wildlife and meets the people of his native Exmoor through the seasons of the year. In this first episode, recorded in the spring, he searches for a herd of red deer and pays a visit to the village of Brayford, where he grew up, to open the spring fair and watch its annual duck race, which raises funds for local projects. Exmoor is famous for its ponies, and Rex Milton tells Johnny about the history of his herd before introducing him to some newborn foals. Spring is the time when many animals have their young, and Johnny gets some shots of a beautiful tawny owl chick. Then he leaves Exmoor to capture a very rare sight on film – adders mating. Finally, he meets up with his old mate Bob Sampson and helps him turn an old septic tank into an underground badger house. Soon they are able to watch unobserved as a newly arrived badger family plays and sleeps.

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