Season 01, Episode 04 – “The Southern Comfort Flip”
When it comes to seafood in the South, no one does it better than Roadside Seafood in Charleston, South Carolina. Husband and wife team, Sean and Keely Mendes have created the most decadent and comforting seafood sandwich – “The Southern Comfort.” Between two slices of buttered Texas toast is a creamy lobster mac n’ cheese, 4 slices of crispy bacon and 2 fried green tomatoes. When Bobby and Nikki taste the 1420-calorie sandwich, they almost fall into a happy food coma. They challenge Sean to a Food Flip, but Sean doesn’t think they stand a chance. Bobby and Nikki attempt to recreate those comforting Southern flavors with two very different but still leaner recipes. Once the winning sandwich is chosen in a taste test, Bobby and Nikki join forces to create a worthy Challenger called “The Lob Stock and Barrel”. Find out if Bobby and Nikki have what it takes to take down a Charleston favorite.

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