Meet the ambitious suburban ladies of Locust Grove, Georgia’s Parent-Teacher Organization. These moms are a real class act, parlaying their executive room experience to run the local PTO and raise thousands of dollars for the town’s local Elementary school. Full of teachable moments, they give new meaning to “getting schooled.”

Season 01, Episode 01 – “Parent Teacher (Dis)Organization”
In a small town outside of Atlanta, Georgia, the local Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is run by President Carla Stephens and she will stop at nothing to make sure the local elementary school has everything it needs. At the first board meeting of the school year, Carla announces that she expects the PTO to raise and donate $100,000 to the elementary school and will need everyone to go over and beyond her high standards to make that happen. While new members Amber B., Amber C. and LaShon realize they are in over their heads, veteran Volunteer Coordinator Robin is off to a rough start and is already on probation. The Pink Pajama Party kicks off the first fundraising event of the season but when Robin hands out an unapproved party favor, it leads to a near breakdown and breakup of the PTO.

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