Season 06, Episode 12
Even though Neven’s uncle is a cattle dealer, Neven has never been to a mart…until now. He goes behind the scenes and visits the cafeteria on site where farmers with hearty appetites come to relax after a hard day’s buying and selling. He also visits Mary Kennedy whose father and grandfather worked at Guinness, and in their memory Mary cooks Guinness Beef Stew. The other recipes in this programme include Steak with Roasted Peppercorn Sauce and a Peanut Parfait.

Season 06, Episode 13
In the final episode of Home Chef, Neven visits Bunratty Castle to learn how the team there prepares and serves two banquets a night for over 300 people. Chicken and Ribs in a secret sauce are served to the guests.Neven cooks Soufflé Omelette with Smoked Haddock and also delicious Sichuan Peppered Lamb with Spiced Redcurrant Compote.


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