Season 01, Episode 02
Celebrity chefs Paul Rankin and Nick Nairn embark on a culinary road trip along the east coast of America to uncover modern links with Irish and Scottish immigrants and contemporary food in the US. This time, the guys head to Maine and meet Mary Drymon, who has previously written about how Scottish and Ulster food traditions have widely influenced the way America eats today. Being so close to the coast of New England, the chefs decide to feature lobster on the menu

Season 01, Episode 03
Paul and Nick’s Big American Food Trip is back on STV this Monday (June 8) as the chefs – Paul Rankin and Nick Nairn – head along to Bowdoin, Maine. As they’re in the middle of rural Maine, it’s only fitting the guys opt for a tasty feast fit for eating in the great outdoors, and they decide on a BBQ theme. As ever, the chefs whip up this week’s three-course meal in hour of some of the locals, with the family of John Mann, an eighth generation Ulster-Scot immigrant, the lucky recipients this time round. True frontier-people and completely self-sufficient from their land, they’re the perfect people to try out the chefs’ feast. This week Paul and Nick are making a delicious sounding dinner with dishes including barbecue lamb in a mint butter and a tasty red pear bread and butter maple pudding.
Our tummies are rumbling!

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