Season 12, Episode 35 – “Expert Examinations”
Take a look back at some of the finest expert examinations in the history of Pawn Stars: a rare edition Book of Mormon authenticated by Rebecca, a straitjacket possibly worn by Harry Houdini investigated by Murray, a signed Babe Ruth bat and glove inspected by Jeremy, and strategic plans from the Battle of Iwo Jima examined by the “Beard of Knowledge”, Mark Hall-Patton.

Season 12, Episode 36 – “Pawn of the Jedi”
Travel far, far away with the Pawn Stars when a draft of the original “Star Wars” script signed by George Lucas soars into the shop. Will Rick and Chum win the war for this obi-one of a kind piece or will the force not be with them? Then, Rick goes back in time when he checks out a terracotta medallion of Benjamin Franklin. Will Rick cash in on this patriotic piece or will he be frank in turning it down? And later, Chum wants to open a museum to display some of the shop’s hidden items. Will Chum be able to create a work of art or will Rick turn Chum’s plans into ancient history?


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