• Graphics have been updated to have a brighter tone, some paths have been visually de-cluttered.
  • Healing spell: When used in game, it now shows the status of all characters while choosing who to heal.

In game options:

  • Added SFX Volume control.
  • Added Encounter Rate control.
  • In battle options:
  • Added Battle Animation speed control.

Game modes:

  • When starting a new game, if the game has been finished once and the slot selected already contains a saved game, it prompts New Game or New Game+.
  • New command line parameter:
  • triplebuf = Uses triple buffering method for swap buffers. Helps to avoid tearing in some cases but may cause
    some imput lag in some computers.

About New Game+:

  • When starting a game with New Game+ the items and character levels from the slot selected are copied to the new game, thus making the player start with higher levels and plenty of items.

Genre: RPG
Developer: WaterMelon
Publisher: WaterMelon

Release Name: Pier.Solar.And.The.Great.Architects.HD.UPDATE.2015.05.13-CPY
Size: 1.83 GB
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