Showing as part of the BBC’s Real North Wales season. This series follows hill farmer Gareth Wyn Jones as he goes on a mission to explore the Welsh food industry and discover whether Wales can change the way it feeds itself.He has seen that there is an appetite for local food, and that Wales needs the big supermarkets, but now he wants to find out if the Welsh government is buying local produce. Every year, Welsh schools, hospitals and other public bodies spend over £70 million on food. To see if it is possible to feed the public with locally sourced food, Gareth sets out to feed an inner-city school using food sourced within 50 miles. He needs to provide a full menu and stick to some strict guidelines.He visits a local market garden that grows seasonal fruit and veg for the local farmers’ markets. In a bid to connect the next generation of consumers with where their food comes from, Gareth goes on a school trip. He accompanies a group of kids from the school on a day out to a local organic farm, where they can get hands on with the animals. Gareth also gets a response from the Welsh government, but it isn’t what he was expecting.Gareth takes his place in the school kitchen alongside the dinner ladies and serves up his school dinner. But what has he learned about the food industry in Wales? And is it really possible for Wales to change the way it feeds itself?


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